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Christmas Lights Preparation Tips

Christmas Lights Preparation Tips

NOV. 19, 2020

The holiday season is quickly approaching! Which means it is almost time to start decking the halls. Christmas lights are a holiday decor staple that add extra joy to the exterior of your home and neighborhood. Before you put your lights up, we've compiled a list of electrical preparation tips to consider to ensure successful holiday lights installation and keeping your home safe. 

Look for exterior outlets in the location(s) that you need them.
Make sure you have exterior outlets in the locations that you will need them. Map out where you will hang lights and where you will need power. This will help reduce your need for extension cords. Relying on extension cords can result in overloading, which is an electrical fire risk. 

Check that your exterior outlets are working.

Check that the outlets you need are working. If you find any outlets are not working, check the other outlets nearby to see if they are also not working. Mark the outlets that are not working with tape to help keep track of them. Check your electrical panel for any tripped breakers. Also, check if the GFCI on the outlet has been tripped (if applicable). If neither work in restoring power to your outlet(s), you may have some loose connections. Contact our licensed electricians to help assess the issue. 

Check that your outlets are GFCI protected.
GFCIs, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, protect your home against electrical shocks or fires by immediately tripping and shutting off power when they sense an energy leak. Check that your exterior outlets are GFCI protected and rated for outdoor use. The easiest way to check this is by looking for the letters “WR”, which stands for weather-resistant. If they are not, replace your existing outlet with an outdoor rated GFCI outlet. Contact us if you have any questions about this or need to install GFCIs exterior outlets. 

Make sure your exterior outlets are covered.
Exterior outlets should be covered at all times, whether it is in use or not. Outlet covers help prevent water from getting in and damaging the electrical, potentially causing somebody to get shocked or causing a fire. Check that your outlets have a weatherproof cover that will remain sealed even when in use. If there are no outlet covers, contact us and our licensed electricians can install them properly for you. 

We're here to help. 
If you're having any issues with your outdoor outlets, contact our team of licensed electricians. We are here to help you with any questions or concerns regarding safely getting power to your lights. We are also prepared to hang your provided lights, if needed. Our top priority is safety, especially during the most wonderful time of the year.

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