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Improve Your Home Lighting

Improve Your Home Lighting

NOV. 3, 2020

As we transition into fall and winter, our days become shorter. With less sunlight, you will begin to notice your home's lighting situation. We've compiled a list of ways you can improve the lighting in your home during these darker days. 

Switch to LED Bulbs. 
LED bulbs are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. This will result in saving energy and money on your electric bills. There are various options for LED bulbs including different colors and temperatures, smart bulbs, and dimmable bulbs. 

Change out and unify your bulbs. 
When was the last time you changed out your light bulbs? Change out the bulbs in the light fixtures you use the most. Also, change out all your mismatched bulbs with one type of LED bulb. You can elevate your room's lighting by eliminating various types of lightbulbs, each having their own temperature. 

Have at least three sources of light in each room. 
Each room should have general lighting (ex. overhead or pendant), specific lighting (ex. table lamp or under cabinet), and ambient lighting (ex. sconces or candles). General lighting should be practical and brighter, especially for bigger areas such as a kitchen. Specific and ambient lighting add layers of light throughout a room, can brighten darker areas, and can help set a desired mood. 

Install Dimmer Switches. 
Dimmer switches allow you to change the mood and brightness of your light as needed depending on the time of day. Dimmers can also help cut on electricity costs. Some dimmer switches also have built-in timers so you can connect your lights to follow a schedule you set.  

Upgrade to Smart Light Bulbs.
Smart light bulbs are bulbs that can be controlled by an app on your smart phone. This gives you greater control of your lighting and is energy saving. 

Install Smart Lighting System. 
To have full control of your home's lighting system, you may want to invest in a smart lighting system. Manage your lighting remotely, create your lighting schedule, automate lights to motion and time, and more. 

We're here to help. 
Our team of electricians are experienced with helping customers with their lighting needs, including light fixture installs, upgrades, lighting controls, and lighting customization. If you have an upcoming lighting project or have some questions regarding your lighting, contact us.

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