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Protect Your Home From Power Surges

Whole House Surge Protectors

September 15, 2021

You pay too much money on your home electronics for them to get burnt out in a split of a second. Protecting your electronics, as well as your home and family, from a power surge requires more than simply using power strips. Whole house surge protectors can prevent thousands of dollars in damages to your home and electronics.

What is a power surge? What causes them?

A power surge is an unexpected increase in voltage that, if strong enough, can run through the wiring of your house and damage electronics connected to outlets. Power surges can occur for many reasons, like downed power lines or lightning. The cause of a surge may also come from inside your own house. Things like old wiring, short circuits, tripped breakers, and even large appliances that cycle on and off can cause power surges in your home.

Whole house protectors vs power strip

Many believe that having their home electronics connected to a power strip is all the protection they need. However, some are barely more than a simple extension cord. Plus, a power surge can follow any kind of electric wiring, including phone and cable lines, and worst case, can even start an electrical fire in your home. A power strip is simply not enough protection against a power surge.

Whole house protectors can adequately protect your home. When properly installed, whole house protectors will just sit there allowing power to run through them, and in the event of a power surge, they are able to divert the excess power to the ground wire in an instant. If your electrical panel is in good condition and has ample space, the installation of a surge protector may only cost you about $300. When you compare that to having to replace your appliances and electronics or running the risk of an electrical fire, it’s really worth the investment!

At Columbia River Electrical Maintenance, we want your home and everyone in it to be safe. Our expert electricians can properly install whole house surge protectors and offer recommendations for the plug-in protector that best suits your home. Contact us or give us a call at (509) 215-2736.

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