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Wiring Irrigation Pump Stations in Boardman, OR

Wiring Irrigation Pump Stations

APR. 17, 2020

We are completing an irrigation pump project in Boardman, OR. Our team installed over 10,000 ft of 5,000 volt cable to connect 33 pumps & motors. Approximately 7 miles of new pipe was installed to transport water, ranging in size from 75" in diameter to 36" in diameter.

The project is split between two stations.

  • Station 1 has fifteen 700 Horsepower (HP) motors and three 1500 HP motors

  • Station 2 has fifteen 1500 HP motors

  • All motors run on a total of 4160 volts

The water capacity for irrigation increased significantly due to this work.

  • Each 1500 HP motor pumps 20,000 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

  • Each 700 HP motor pumps 10,000 GPM

  • The US Army Corps and Oregon Dept. of State Lands Joint permit application states that this project will serve approximately 16,000 acres that are under irrigated. 

  • It also states the current CID service area encompasses approximately 26,000 acres.

CREM is proud to provide our services to support farmers and the agriculture industry. We offer innovative and safe electrical solutions today and everyday.

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